“Are you okay” I heard her say, I couldn’t muffle a reply. You could say her beauty sealed my lips.

“Are you OK” she asked again
“Ermm my name is Jack, I mean I’m OK” I said bowing my head in shame.
I raised my head back up and she gave me the most heartwarming smile ever.

“Good day Sir” I said to the older man beside her. But he didn’t reply me. I tried greeting again,when she said
“He’s dumb,he can’t speak,that’s why”

“Oh sorry about that” I said

“You’re new here, I guess you’re the occupant of that house over there” she said pointing to my new house.

“Yes,how’d you know?” I asked

“We live…. She was abruptly restrained from speaking as if a force held her words”

Suddenly the older man grabbed her hand and made a motion with his face, in a way of signalling her to stop talking and follow him.

” ermmm sorry, I’ve got to go now,bye” she said hurrying to the car.

I wanted to muffle a “bye” to her, but all I could do was wave my hands once and they drove away. I turned to go back home, but when I remembered what happened at home,i decided to turn back. I expected to see the car still driving away,but to my great surprise, there was no sign of it, it seemed they had just disappeared into thin air!!! I mean it wasn’t up to 7 seconds I saw it drive away, I thought to myself.

“Or I’m really going crazy” I said loudly to myself.
“Nah I’m not, I can’t let dad’s words get into me” I said as I walked briskly to survey the entire neighborhood. Something I really didn’t fancy before.

As I.walked down the street, a ball suddenly hit me from nowhere, I went crashing on the floor holding my left eye. Then with my right eye, I could view two guys running towards my direction, I quickly stood up and tried to run while holding my left eye.

They started to.shout “hold up bro, we don’t wanna harm you” I kept running until I.stumbled into a stone and fell. I.was freaking scared,I thought they wanted to harm me. I tried to get up again and start running,when one of them held my ankle and said”bro,are you ok”?
I turned my face towards and them and saw two guys almost my age, and exactly my height.

“Are you OK bro” the other guy repeated

“Yes I am” getting up
“We’re sorry we hit you with the ball, it wasn’t intentional”

“Uhmmm OK, thanks, but its hurt though” I said rubbing my left eye

“Ermm sorry again, my name is Jill,one said.And mine is James” the other said.
“What’s yours” they asked simultaneously.

“I’m jack”

“Wow, James,Jill and jack,we could make up a pretty cool team you know” Jill said
“Exactly what I had in mind” James chipped in.

“You mind if we treat your eye,we’ve got a first aid nearby” Jill said

“Uhmm don’t worry, my house ain’t far”

“OK, where’s your house” James asked

I pointed towards the direction of my house and the first thing I heard was “wtf, let’s get the hell outta here bro”

Before I could understand anything they said, they began running away like someone was chasing them. I looked behind me and there was absolutely nothing and no one.

Suddenly a drop of water, fell on my head, I looked up and the clouds were dark. “Its raining” I said to myself as I turned back and began to run home.

I casually looked at my wristwatch and it was 6pm!! How the hell did I stay out this late? Its was impossible!! I hadn’t been outside for barely 30 minutes. ” I’m freaking crazy” I said with tears dripping from eyes. As I reached home,I saw my entire family outside, they’ll shouted in joy when they saw me. They ran towards me as i also ran toward them.

“I thought I’ve lost you”,mom said hugging me rightly.

” let’s go in” dad said holding Bella and Nicky as we moved in quickly.

Eric slammed the door as we’ll entered the sitting room.

“Were have you been, young man” dad asked

“Not now john” mom said

“I didn’t know I was out this late” I’m sorry guys

“What happened to your eye” Nicky said.

“Yes hun, what happened” mom asked

“Its nothing serious, just two guys who mistakenly hit me with a ball, but they apologized”

“Ohhh dear,never scare us like DAT again” mom said

“We’ve been searching for you” dad said

“For 6 good hours” Eric said casually while heading up to his room.

“Were did you go bro” Bella asked

“Tell us Jack” Nicky said

“I..I..I need to rest, I don’t really remember anything, maybe when I wake up,I’ll remember”

“Hmmmm you need to treat that eye first hun” mom said

Mom treated my eye and also gave me something to eat. I then left for my room and landed on my bed, I immediately fell asleep. And again I had a nightmare!!

* * *

I found myself inside a basement, it was dark,dirty and full of dust. I tried to maneuver my way out l,but I couldn’t, I kept on stumbling on things that splashed liquid stuff on my feet.
Suddenly, a little door opened by itself, i I was jilted with joy as I moved towards it to final get out of that horrible place. I was close to exiting when a young girl dressed in white suddenly I appeared in front of me. I.was startled. I tried to scream,but i couldn’t.

She stretched her hands to me in a way of telling me to follow her, all these while I didn’t get to see her face as she bowed her head. I took few steps backwards trying to get away from her,but it seemed I only got closer to her.
“Dont be afraid, i won’t hurt you jack” she said as she slowly lifted up her face. I saw blood flowing from her eyes like tears, it flowed down to the floor and trickled up to my legs. I tried screaming,but I still couldn’t. It continued to trickle upwards from my legs to my chest and then it reached my face and finally entered my eyes.
” Jesusssssssssssss ” I managed to finally scream and she disappeared, everything seemingly came back to normal as I opened my eyes. That was the only time I could actually hear myself scream. I didn’t even understand how that name came to my memory. My parents were atheists and so was we. That name was really unpopular in our house as I only heard it among my schoolmates and TV programmes

I woke up feeling terrified, the only good thing was that my family didn’t hear me scream, if not,they would have finally concluded that I was indeed “crazy”.

I checked the time and it was 10 pm. For the first time I entered my room bathroom to take a shower, it was quite neat and cosy, I had a warm bath and went down stairs. Nicky,Eric and dad were still up,they were watching a movie. I silently passed behind them and went to the kitchen. I looked left and saw that wooden door, I tried forsaking its sight,but a force pulled me to look more intently to it, I then discovered it was slightly open, I also heard strange sounds coming from there. They sounded like voices.



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