I’ve experienced many horrifying things since I stepped into this house,but that just had to be the climax of them all!!
I just had to show them my discovery, but will they take it serious? These were the thoughts that ravaged through my mind.

Soon my family were all present in the sitting room,this was my chance to inform them about my discovery. Or “should I wait till after breakfast? Or better during breakfast? Yeah, i think I’ll go for the latter” These thoughts plagued me as I left for my room.

“Jack” mom called me back

“Aren’t you gonna join us for breakfast?” Mom said

“I don’t see any breakfast ready yet, or is it?” I replied

“But I’ll soon be ready” mom said

“Well you can send Bella to get me when its ready, as for now,you guys should let me be,pls” I said with tears almost dropping from my eyes.

“Wtf is wrong with this kid” dad said frustratingly as I moved out of their sight.

I entered my room, and layed down on the bed in an attempt to cool my head,when I accidentally dozed off, actually I regret sleeping off,because it made me have the most terrifying dream ever!!

I saw my family and my very self trying to open the minute wodden door,we used all manner of equipments and tried different strategies, but the door won’t still open.
So we’ll gave up and decided to call for external help to break the door when it suddenly flinged itself open and like a magnetic wave, attracted and took my family one after the other, it took Eric,then dad,then Nicky,then Eric,then mom,it was about to take Bella,I couldn’t let my sweet little sis go that way, I quickly reached for her hand and pulled her to myself. I couldn’t hold on much longer,because it seemed multiple people pulled her from me.

Alas!! The door shut itself and Bella slipped from my hands,thereby hitting her precious head on the wooden door,no kid of that age would survive that. I screamed in agony,calling her as I came closer to her.


“Yes bro,I’m here,what’s wrong” a little voice replied me,then I opened my eyes,it was all a dream. My bell was still standing right beside me full of life.
I quickly got up from the bed and hugged her tight.
I knew she was quite surprised of my actions.
“What’s wrong bro” she asked
“Nothing bell, I guess breakfast is ready?

” yes,mom sent me to get you” she replied

“Alright, let’s go”

We arrived the dinning room,it looked really sophisticated, I hadn’t entered there since me moved in. My family were all sitted on their seats. What surprised me the most was that nobody had touched their food. I felt touched by this and a little bitvof guilt.

“I hope you like what I prepared” mom asked

I nodes my head with a smile

“Can we eat now” Eric asked grippingly

“You’re such a food monger Eric” Nicky said

“Yeah whatever” Eric said as he muched his fried potatoes into his mouth.

We hadn’t reached halfway of our food when that weird door came to my memory again.

Trying to get their attention, I coughed really loud.

“Do you need some water,hun”? Mom asked

” actually I’ve got something to tell you guys ”

“Oh really,what’s that” mom asked

“Have you guys noticed a really little wooden door after the kitchen?

They’ll said ” No” in entangled voices.

“Then I have something to show you guys”

“I hope its worth the hype” dad asked

“I haven’t even said anything about it and you’re saying, I hyped it”?

” don’t start guys,plssss” mom came in.

“Alright, after,breakfast, we’ll go to see Jack’s “new discovery”.

I’m not supposed to say this.
I’m not supposed to even think this, but the only person I didn’t really feel much pain when he was taken into the wooden door in my dream,was my dad. He really had a talent in pissing me off.

* * *

I played with my food,anxiously waiting for them to finish theirs, food wasn’t really my problem at that moment,but the safety of my family. But offortunately they think I’m a I’m a weirdo.

“Are you guys done” ?
“I am” Bella replied”
“Same here” nicky chipped in
“Okay son,let’s see what you’ve got for us son” dad said

“You guys can go,not in the mood for Jack’s tantrums” Eric said

“We’ll going, now get up” mom replied.

“Lead the way” dad told me
I led the way of course,till we got to the spot were I had seen the wodden door, they were all surprised to see it,especially dad.

“How come I never saw this? I certainly remember my very self coming to this place, but never seeing the door”
“Well urhmm, I guess Jack was right this time” nicky said

“And how come its the only wooden door in this house”? Mom said

” and how come is so small” Bella chipped in

“Like you bell,hahahaha” Eric said bringing a comic relief to an already tensed atmosphere.

I loved the fear in their eyes,this just had to be my ultimate proof of something paranormal inhabiting this house.

“And that’s not the only thing” I said
“What else” mom asked frantically.

I bent down and pointed to the inscription “DO NOT OPEN”
you see guys,there’s something evil inside,that’s why the inscription says “DO NOT OPEN”, you can see I was right all this time!!

” wait ” dad bends down to take a closer look as I shifted away.

“He brought out his android and switched on his flashlight (everywhere was lighted though), he moved closer to the inscription again,but this time he burst in laughter.

” hahahahahahahahaha” dad laughed
Everyone began to ask him about his sudden laughter, while I stood there puzzled.

“Jack didn’t quite get the full inscription, it says ” DO NOT OPEN WITHOUT PREPARED, HUGE RATS INFESTED IN THIS BASEMENT ”

And this was it, everyone began laughing along with dad, except bell of course. She’s was the smallest but yet,the most sceptical.

” I told you guys,this wouldn’t be worth it” Eric said leaving us.

“But..but…but, I didn’t

” when did you notice this son”? Mom asked

“Last night after I woke up early from bed” I replied

“Oh I get it now” mum said

“Get what” I asked anxiously

“Maybe you stii had a bit of dizziness when you read it and that could be the reason you didn’t see the remains words” mom said

I was fumed at what mom just said,I really didn’t expectations this from her.

“Or maybe you were sleep walking” Nicky said covering her mouth to hold her laughter.

“Are you freaking serious, I moved to towards her in anger”

“You wanna beat up your elder sister in my presence? For God sake jack,why don’t you just be content like everyone else and move on,we ain’t moving back to Texas no more”

“OK then if you’ll think I was hallucinating, open the damn door, i can bet you it wouldn’t open”!!
” alright, I’ll open it,but I’ll shut it immediately as I don’t want a rat infested house” dad said
He reached for the knob and turned it down, it made a “squeak sound” before opening.

“But,that didn’t open yesterday!! I’m… Sure…… Of….. It, I said stammering

Dad immediately shut the door and moved his hands sideways in a way saying” any other complaints ”
*I guess not jack, so urhm, I’ll call a pest control team first thing tomorrow to come handle these, meanwhile, I’ve got to say this was quite a discovery jack” dad said and laughed

“You’ll think I’m being a weirdo, you’ll blind, I’m gonna leave this house if that door is opened”
I walked out in anger leaving dad,Nicky,mom and bella.

I stormed out of the house, moving rather quickly and absent mindedly, i didn’t notice that a car was coming from the left, it came at quite a speed I didn’t expect, it was I heard a girl shout”MOVE AWAYYYYYY” I looked left and quickly took a big leap, thereby narrowly escaping a tragic situation.

The people in the car came out swiftly rushing towards my direction in concern.

“Are you OK” I heard from two people, I looked up and saw a Man probably in his forties and the most prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.



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