“Why does this kids never appreciate anything I do for them? I literally work my ass to make sure they’ll live comfortable lives and all I get is backlashing?” Dad uttered in disgust.

Mom who her head placed on dad Lap’s in the bedroom replied “Do you mean all our kids or jack?”

“Sometimes I Wonder if he’s really my blood” dad said
“What!!” Mom said violently standing up from dad Lap’s
“What are you trying to imply john?” Mom said almost getting furious.

“Jeez calm down, it was…..” Dad said
“Was just what?” Mom asked
“Sorry for that Kate(name of mom), I’m just not happy atll” dad replied

“Everything will be back to normal, the moment he adapts to his new environment, just chill” mom said

“Ha, has jack ever adapted to anything in his life? He just complains all the way through thereby keeping himself secluded from the others” dad said

“Stop it John, don’t talk about your son in that manner,and I’m done with this conversation!! Goodnight!” Mum shuttered

“Wait” dad said
“What,why?” Mom replied

“I was kinda surprised to see the whole place cleaned up too, Mr Torres never mentioned he’ll do that for me” dad said

“Hmmmm, you should be grateful,there are still good people in this country, now goodnight again Mr john” mom replied
“Hahaha goodnight hun” he gave her a light peck,switched off the lights and went to bed.

“I wonder if anyone is still up, I could use this time to visage this house thoroughly” Jack said to himself.

I slowly got from my bed and headed towards the the door,I twisted the knob and left my room to go on a survey, indeed it was a classy house,10x better than our ex house, hahaha.

I peeped through the window of each room to see my siblings sleeping quietly, except for one person of course. Eric who was a porn addict, he just couldn’t go a night without viewing some nudity, I was the only one who knew his dirty little secret. anyway bro code, i have to cover for him.

I didn’t know when I began to smile as I surveyed the whole house,the beauty was so appalling.

Then I mistakenly bumped into a hard wood, it gave me great anguish, but I managed to muffle my moan of pain.

I quickly, switched on the flashlight of my android, to see what that could be, and to my uttermost shock, I saw a wodden door about 6 foot long, it had no knob to open it.

But what alerted me more was the notice on the door, “DO NOT OPEN*
well this was my ultimate proof of the weirdness of this house, I swiftly moved to alert the others when another blackout occurred
” you’ve just got to be kidding me”
I said in anger and fear.I then remembered I had not charged my android, so it displayed shutting down,I tried using its last seconds to find my way,but I bumped into another thing and this time I fell and bumped my head hard on the floor leading to another oblivious darkness.

*               *                 *

Trying to gain consciousness, I motioned from left to right on the floor,I opened my eyes slowly and a Bright rays of light,almost blinded me. Obviously the lights were back on.
But what just happened? Experiencing 2 blackouts in space of hours was something I’ve never experienced before, heck its only happened when my school in Texas went for an excursion to a manufacturing company, its never happened in my home!!
I managed to get up , I picked up my android and i noticed its has gotten a crack on the screen. I looked back at the wooden door,and looked forward again, I made up my mind to show my family what I had discovered that night as I briskly walked to my room.
“Jack get up”
Jack get up”
Jack get up” was what echoed in my sleep, I opened my eyes to see my dear Bella stands beside my bed.
“Isn’t it too early? I asked
” dad said he wants to drive us around so we could spy a school to start attending.
“Jeez, can’t this wait till tomorrow, I mean we just moved in yesterday.
” nope,dad said now!!” Bella said
“Alright I’ll be down in 5 minutes”
Bella was on her way out of my room,when I remembered the incident between us yesterday.
“Bell wait, I’m sorry for yesterday, I…”
“Its OK bro” she said with a smile.
I was down in the sitting room looking looking all messy, I didn’t get to clean myself up because I had nausea for new bathrooms.
“Common jack,hurry up” Nicky staid from outside.
I hastened my steps and exited the sitting room, I then jugged to the car,so as not to keep them waiting much longer.
by the way , it was only Nicky, Bella and me that were about to haunt for a new school, Eric was done with high school, but he couldn’t get into college last year because of his poor academic performances. I really hoped he would get admission this year,so I could have one less annoying person in the house.
Nicky was in the front seat while  Bella and i were behind.
“Morning jack, how was your night?” Dad said as he drives slowly.
“Ermm, Normal I guess” I replied
“Normal you say” dad looked back at me.
“Why looking so messed up jack?”
“Weren’t you guys in a hurry”
“Yeah,but at least you should wash your face or something” dad said
“Nah I’m quite irritated to new bathrooms”
“What!! When did that start?” Dad asked
“Ermm, maybe if you would put a little time more on your kids, you would have noticed it” I replied
“Don’t speak to me that way boy”
“Guys pls don’t start” Nicky had to chip in quickly
“Apologize to dad” Nicky said turning to me
“Jackkkkkkk” Nicky dragged my name on way of objecting to whatever I wanted to say
“I’m sorry” I said adamantly with little or no remorse. Dad didn’t reply though
From that time on,dad drove quietly, no one spoke to another.
15 mins later, we spotted a school,dad parked and told us to stay in the car while he goes to get some information about the school.
Approximately 7 mins later, dad came out holding a paper in his hands. He entered the car and we drove off. He then handed the paper to Nicky.
“The tuition fee is quite cheap dad” Nicky said smiling
“Yeah I was surprised myself” dad replied
I stretched out my hand to Nicky,signalling her to pass it to me.
She handed it over to me and truly it was quite cheap.
“When are we gonna enroll dad”? Nicky asked
” this week,the earlier, the better ” dad said.
I wasn’t really a fan of school, because of its rowdiness and noise, but on the other hand I loved school because of my favorite subject,history.
Dad stopped the car again,this time near a really fancy shop. I guess hr wanted to get us something to eat as haven’t had anything that morning.
He came back holding leathers, of which I presumed contained snacks and it was as I expected.
We then drove back home eating the snacks on the way, we reached home, got out of the car only to see mom talking with some ladies we’ve never seen before. We got closer to them as we walked, like i said I wasn’t a social person, so I walked past them while Nicky, Bella and dad stayed behind for a really unnecessary introductions.
I sat down on the sofa,switched on the TV and a movie started. It was a horror movie,a the first scene viewed a ghostly girl dressed in tattered clothes chasing a boy of almost of my age with a kitchen knife, she was way faster than him and she easily caught up with him and ripped his bowels open, she then turned turn to the camera and said”DO NOT OPEN ”
This girl still stare at the camera,it was as if she was looking directly at me, I mean I thought the scene would go off after some seconds but I continued and this girl kept staring at me. “DO NOT OPEN” I heard her say again still looking into my eyes.
The wooden door incident then flashed back in my memory. She said those words for the third time, and the scene went off,the movie that started minutes ago dramatically ended!!



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