My name is jack, i don’t really know how I’m being held in this rehab center, I don’t freaking understand how i lost all my family members,the only thing I can affirmatively say is that my troubles all began when we moved to our new house.

On the 6th of June,2006, dad, mom,Eric,Nicky, Bella and my very self,Jack.

BTW, Eric is my big bro,Nicky my eldest sis and Bella my adorable younger sis.

We left our home in Texas on that very day with the whole family in support of this new movement except me.

I was kind of an introvert, wasn’t social at all, never left my room, addicted to video games. So this really affected me, I loved Texas, because the part we lived in was quite quiet and exclusive from others.

We arrived in California at exactly 6 pm, we’ll hopped out of the car in exhaustion and numbness due to the long distance we traveled.

We stood in awe of our new house, it was really beautiful, much more classy than our house in Texas.

“Did you really get this beauty for 6,000 dollars?” Mom said in shock
“Well I was quite surprised myself, maybe the owner was desperate or something”, dad replied.

Or maybe we’ve been scammed!! I said sarcastically.
” shut up jack, nobody can scam your dad” said mom rather hardly
Something didn’t feel right, it was my kinda neighborhood because of its quietness, but still my spirit didn’t just feel at rest here.the few people walking in the streets were glaringly staring at us without really shying away.

“And what the hell are these guys staring like they haven’t seen a bunch of family move into a new house before” Eric said rather angrily
“Are you guys coming in or not?” Nicky said

We excitedly walked towards our new house when I saw something quite alarming, I literally saw someone peeping at us through the window of our own house, which was locked!! I strained my eyes to look more intently, but I could see nothing again.

“Did you guys see that”? I said in outright fear.
But to my greatest surprise, they were all carried away by the beauty of the new house.

I stood still, staring at that window when someone touched me from behind.
I almost jumped out of my skin

* * *

I swiftly turned beside me and too my utmost relief, it was Bella, my sweet,adorable little sis.
She looked at me intently and I could see fear in her eyes, Bella was just 7 yes old, but looked quite younger.
She then gripped my hands tight and I wondererd what made her behave this way, or did she see what I saw?

“Jack, I don’t like this house” she said

“Me neither bell, but…..” Before I could finish my words, a blackout occurred, i looked around and to my greatest surprise, the entire neighborhood still had power supply except us!! I turned towards my family who seem to have noticed the Blackout too, i dragged Bella along with me as left to were they stood, then i heard that say

“This goddamn door won’t open and now there’s a blackout!!

“There’s no blackout, look guys, we’re the only ones experiencing this, its a sign that this house is no good” i said pointing to the direction of other houses which had electricity, while still facing them,I didnt know wtf happened, but suddenly there was an actual blackout!! It just didn’t seem right to me
“But I……” i tried to defend my earlier statement.

“What you on about jack” Eric said
“Are you OK jack” Nicky asked
“Jack,quit this silly games,you’ve been moaning hate against this house even before you freaking saw it” dad said

“Hey john, take it easy on him, I guess he’s he’s just so affected by this movement”

“No pls, i freaking saw this, we had no electricity, but others had,Bella saw it,didn’t you bell?”
Everyone turned to Bella who was my last hope of salvation, but Bella just stood still saying absolutely nothing to help me out.

“Common bell,say something” i said

“Jack!! Don’t teach my sweet Bella how to lie to her family, now let’s all go to our neighbours and ask them what the problem is”

They all left with dad,but i stayed behind, i turned back and looked at that window again, I’m not sure if my eyes was deceiving because the electricity suddenly came up, I looked back at my family and to my utter shock, the other houses blackout was still present. My whole body jilted in fear as I started to run towards my family who gone quite far away from me, the shit got more crazier as electricity also came back to the neighbouring, this was all too much for me, and I passed out.

I woke up to see myself in a cool and portable room, I looked left and saw Bella beside me

“He’s awake Bella screamed running out of the room, in no matter of seconds my whole family came into what I supposed will be my room.

” oh thank God you’re OK hun” my mom said as she hugged me tightly

“What happened son” dad said

I wanted to tell them,but I knew it was simply a waste of time, they would never believe. So i quickly gave a predominant excuse

“I just felt a little bit dizzy,that’s all I’m OK.

” you sure bro”? Eric asked

“Yeah, don’t you guys have some cleaning to do,and how is this room so neatly arranged?

” well we didn’t have to do a thing” mom said

“How”? I asked

” the entire house was neatly cleaned up and arranged, we didn’t need to go through all that stress, this house is just damn sweet ” dad said

“How’s that possible? Thought you said the owner said nobody has been in the house for 6 months? It should be at least dusty or something

” well it wasn’t, maybe the owner cleaned it up as he knew, it would have new residents ” mom said

“But the keys has been with dad for 3 weeks now, how and when could he have done it? Dad, did he tell you he did all DAT before handing the keys over to you? I said getting more agitated

” enough of all these, let’s go eat dinner” dad said

“I’m not hungry” I said

“Well I’ll take your share then haha” Eric said

They left the room leaving me still in my awe of perplexity, only Bella stayed behind.

“Hey” Bella said
“Don’t talk me,get out” I said

“I’m sorry bro” Bella replied

“Sorry for what exactly?”

Bella looked at me for few seconds before running off in tears.
I was pained, I’ve never spoken to my sweet Bella that way. I wanted to go apologize, but changed my mind as I didn’t want to see the annoying faces of my ignorant family?
Do you know why I called them ignorant?
They couldn’t see what I saw,despite being in this earth far longer than I was.
BTW,I’m 13 by the way,Nicky is 17 while Eric is 20.



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